All you need to know about the Holy spec


The first thing we’re gonna talk about is stat prioritization. My recommended stat priorities would be: 

Intellect>Spirit> Multistrike>Mastery>Versatility>Haste

Intellect= increases spellpower (so gives an increased healing output)

Spirit= increases mana regen(a must have for any healer, especially now)

Multistrike= grants chances to deliver extra heals for 36% of the normal value

Mastery= your direct heals and multistrikes heal for an aditional x%

Versatility= increases damage and healing done and decreases damage taken

Haste= increases your casting speed


Single target healing spells:

  • Heal Icon Heal
  • Flash Heal (use it only on emergencies)
  • Renew (HoT, keep it on players for sustain)
  • Holy Word: Serenity (chakra related, instant heal, best used during medium damage and to apply healing taken buff before heavy damage)
  • Desperate Prayer( “oh crap!” ability used for self heal in emergency situations)
  • Saving Grace (level 100 talent skill, on the same branch with  Clarity of Purpose and Words of Mending, “oh crap!” ability used in emergencies situations)
  • Guardian Spirit( singe target emergency cooldown that increases all healing taken and sacrifices itself preventing a killing blow, avalable only on holy spec)

AoE heals:


talente holy


  •  Desperate Prayer for self healing in emergency situations
  • Body and Soul for instant speed boost
  • Surge of light/Mind bender whatever suits your play style best: instant heals with no mana cost ability or mana regen ability
  • Void tendrils because it’s better to avoid pulling mobs
  • Power infusion for the moments when you need to increase your haste or reduce your mana cost
  • Cascade in raids, Divine star in dungeons 
  • Varies depending on your play style