All you need to know about the Holy spec


The first thing we’re gonna talk about is stat prioritization. My recommended stat priorities would be: 

Intellect>Spirit> Multistrike>Mastery>Versatility>Haste

Intellect= increases spellpower (so gives an increased healing output)

Spirit= increases mana regen(a must have for any healer, especially now)

Multistrike= grants chances to deliver extra heals for 36% of the normal value

Mastery= your direct heals and multistrikes heal for an aditional x%

Versatility= increases damage and healing done and decreases damage taken

Haste= increases your casting speed


Single target healing spells:

  • Heal Icon Heal
  • Flash Heal (use it only on emergencies)
  • Renew (HoT, keep it on players for sustain)
  • Holy Word: Serenity (chakra related, instant heal, best used during medium damage and to apply healing taken buff before heavy damage)
  • Desperate Prayer( “oh crap!” ability used for self heal in emergency situations)
  • Saving Grace (level 100 talent skill, on the same branch with  Clarity of Purpose and Words of Mending, “oh crap!” ability used in emergencies situations)
  • Guardian Spirit( singe target emergency cooldown that increases all healing taken and sacrifices itself preventing a killing blow, avalable only on holy spec)

AoE heals:


talente holy


  •  Desperate Prayer for self healing in emergency situations
  • Body and Soul for instant speed boost
  • Surge of light/Mind bender whatever suits your play style best: instant heals with no mana cost ability or mana regen ability
  • Void tendrils because it’s better to avoid pulling mobs
  • Power infusion for the moments when you need to increase your haste or reduce your mana cost
  • Cascade in raids, Divine star in dungeons 
  • Varies depending on your play style

Priest ability changes in Warlords of Draenor


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Specialization swaps and changes:

The following abilities have been removed:

  • Hymn of Hope 
  • Heal 
  • Inner Focus 
  • Inner Will .
  • Rapture
  • Strength of Soul 
  • Train of Thought 

Some abilities have been refined:

  • Greater Heal has been renamed to Heal.
  • Borrowed Time‘s effects have been merged into baseline Power Word: Shield for Discipline Priests.

    • Borrowed Time has been redesigned. It now increases the Priest’s stat gains to Haste from all sources by 40% for 6 seconds.
  • Devouring Plague now always costs 3 Shadow Orbs, and how heals the Priest for 100% of all damage it deals, instead of healing per tick.
  • Holy Fire now lasts 9 seconds (up from 7 seconds).
  • Shadowform no longer allows any healing spells to be cast but also no longer has a restriction on casting other Holy spells.
  • Vampiric Embrace now heals all party and raid members for 10% of damage done, and this healing is no longer split between targets (up from 75% of damage done, split between targets).
  • Lightwell‘s healing effect is no longer canceled if the target takes enough damage.
  • Pain Suppression no longer reduces the target’s threat by 5%.
  • Power Word: Solace now restores 2% mana (up from 1%).
  • Dispersion and Vampiric Touch no longer restores mana.

  • Evangelism no longer affects the damage or mana cost of spells. Damage of affected spells have been adjusted to compensate.
  • Shadow Word: Pain‘s initial damage is now considered direct damage, not periodic damage.

  • Divine Hymn now heals all party or raid members instead of a variable number depending on raid size. Its healing has been adjusted to compensate.
  • Focused Will now triggers from any damage taken instead of being limited to being the victim of any damage above 5% of total health or being critically hit by non-periodic attacks.

Level-90 Talents and Atonement

  • Atonement now heals for 25% less than before.
  • Cascade Mana cost has been reduced by 67%.

    • Discipline and Holy: Cascade now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast, see also: Instant Cast Heals), heals for 50% less, and no longer damages enemies.
    • Shadow: Cascade no longer heals allies.
  • Divine Star Mana cost has been reduced by 67%, and now follows standard AoE capping rules.

    • Discipline and Holy: Divine Star now heals for 50% less, and no longer damages enemies.
    • Shadow: Divine Star no longer heals allies.
  • Halo’s Mana cost has been reduced by 67%, and now follows standard AoE capping rules.

    • Discipline and Holy: Halo now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast, see also: Instant Cast Heals), heals for 50% less, and no longer damages enemies.
    • Shadow: Halo no longer heals allies.


    Holy Changes

    Shadow Changes

    The cooldown of Mind Blast has also been adjusted to make Haste more valuable for Shadow, and removes Haste breakpoints.

    • Mind Blast‘s cooldown is now reduced by haste, but its base cooldown is now 9 seconds (up from 8 seconds).

    Talent Revisions

    Miscellaneous Changes

    • Angelic Feathers now increases movement speed by 60% (down from 80%). If cast on players, will always prefer the casting Priest over others, then pick the player closest to the targeted location. If there are no players where it is targeted, it will still create a feather that can be picked up, as before. Additionally, when collecting multiple feathers, the duration will be extended instead of replaced; up to a maximum of 130% of base duration.
    • Enlightenment is a new passive ability for Discipline Priests.

      • Enlightenment increases the critical healing chance of Prayer of Mending by 10%, and increases stat gains to Critical Strike from all sources by 5%.
    • Holy Nova is no longer available through a Major Glyph, and is instead a Discipline specialization spell. Its mana cost has been lowered and its healing increased. It is intended as the efficient area-of-effect (AoE) healing spell for Discipline Priests.
    • Prayer of Mending from multiple Priests can now be on the same target, and can be on multiple targets from the same Priest, but the ability has a 1.5-second cast time(up from instant cast). (See also: Instant Cast Heals)
    • Shadowfiend no longer restores mana.

      • Mindbender now restores 0.75% mana per hit (down from 1.75% mana).
    • Void Tendrils now have 10% of the Priest‘s health (down from 20%), and damage dealt to the rooted target is now also dealt to the Void Tendril itself.